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Life is full of these numerous uncertainties. Without a doubt, you are the most vital asset in the creation of a lifestyle and earning an income. That is why personal insurance is so important

Personal InsuranceWithout you, that home or that car would not be on your property. Insuring yourself or a family member with a personal insurance policy is the most effective way to cover lost income to maintain the lifestyle of you and your loved ones in case of an accident or illness.

Our personal insurance adviser, Hayden White, can save you time and money by ensuring you have the cover you need. Hayden will help you with the following personal insurance needs:

  1. Assess your risk
  2. Suggest what cover will best suit your insurance needs
  3. Help you take out a policy
  4. Explain your policy and any special situations you need to be aware of


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Our clients have plenty to say about Hayden...

I sent my friend Nick in to see you all, who I’ve known him since we were kids. He was very happy and very impressed. For the first time in his working life he actually felt that advisors had his best interests at heart. So thanks heaps great service, I appreciate you looking after him and so quickly as well. Go team PPI

Kerri Welsh Staff

We have always been more than happy with Hayden’s advice and expertise. He has increased our share portfolio by his diligent research and advice and we would highly recommend Hayden to anyone.

Eileen Client

I wanted to thank you for your help on my insurance claim with processing the needed paper work and making everything easy. Thanks again.

Daniel Client

Thank you so much Hayden and Robyn for your attention to this for us.
We sincerely appreciate the assistance that you both have provided us and look forward to further association with you both, and Poole group.
our best wishes.

Polly Client

Thank you so much for organising and finalising this claim so promptly for us. We very much appreciate having you working on our behalf at times like these, and I know how much work goes into getting the best possible outcome for us, the client.
Many thanks.

Tonia Client

Hayden goes over and above for us and his advice is great. I could not speak highly enough of Hayden and the team he works with. He will have my business for life.

Kirby Client

Great ongoing service provided both for my super and insurance policies, always on top of things and very efficient to process any amendments required.

Kate Client

Thank you both for all your help and support in dealing with BT . Definitely changed my life . It has been a rough 19 months but thanks !! Kind regard, Lee.

Lee Client

You certainly put a silver lining on a tough situation and twelve months has flown by. My family thanks you for your initial advice and consequent help.

Janeen Client

Hayden has always steered us positively with regard to our finances and has made the transition to retirement easy. We are more than happy with his work and performance. A gentleman, knowledgeable, with a good sense of humour. A veritable gem in the world of finance.

David Client

My sincere thanks to Hayden and Robyn for your kind assistance and prompt attention to my affairs. You have made matters so much easier for me and my family at a challenging time in my life.

Allan Client

Awesome !! Thanks so much Hayden !! U guys are awesome :)

Sarah Client

Would thoroughly recommend Hayden White for his advise, professionalism and the care shown to me during my recent claim.

Diana Client

Thanks for your amazing service, wished we would’ve seen you earlier. It’s good now that I use you personally as it makes it a lot easier to refer you to clients.

Stacey Client

Thank you so much Hayden,
I really appreciate your expertise and guidance as I was just fumbling about hoping all would be ok.

Jo Client

This is the whole reason I got started in this industry, we have a unique ability to give financial support to clients when they need it most. I recently had a client that suffered an injury while kite surfing and the client was in a tough financial position leading up to Christmas, limited sick leave to rely on and being the main income earner. I submitted the claim and pushed the insurance company’s resources to get a decision ASAP. The claim was paid in just over one week and due to the type of injury I have been able to get the client an initial lump sum benefit. I will be continuing to manage the claim as the client is likely to be off work for at least 6 months.

Since 2010, I have been able to assist clients in receiving over $16 MIL in insurance claims. The majority of these claims would not have been possible without our specialist claims management service which also reflects back to the initial tailored advice and ongoing annual review service.

Hayden WhitePersonal Insurance Adviser

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